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Kerberos offers professionally designed classes custom-tailored exclusively for our clients


Kerberos’ Active Shooter Response class helps the attendee understand the components of an attack and strategies to survive. Our Active Shooter Response class illustrates that “seconds count” and prepares the attendees to formulate plans that could very well save their lives. Active Shooter Response is the most requested and sought after class we offer.


Kerberos’ Threat Detection and Self-Protection class helps the attendee understand the components of a personal attack (i.e. mugging or robbery) and strategies to survive. The class teaches about the attack cycle and explores how to assess your options given the situation, mitigate the immediate risk, and disengage to a safe location. Our Threat Detection and Self Protection class is interactive, engaging, and a client favorite for employees and tenants.


Originally designed for executive and high-risk targets, surveillance detection teaches the ability to construct a route that will identify if you are being followed or watched. In today's world, petty crime has taken on new sophistication which presents new threats to the average person. This class will give attendees the knowledge and planning to go from point A to point B safely.


Reserved primarily for security professionals, our Counter Surveillance class teaches the theoretical and practical risk mitigation from intrusive and surreptitious monitoring. Once the purview of government agencies, counter-surveillance has crossed into the commercial business world as foreign powers seek to gain an economic advantage over American businesses.

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