Threat & Vulnerability Assessment – Security Plans (4 of 4)

It’s important to remember, that no security plan is exactly the same. As you become more familiar with the individual components, you will quickly realize your security plan must accomplish two things. #1 is to address different threats, at different levels. #2 is focusing efforts to identify and protect different vulnerabilities at different levels. For the sake of brevity, let’s explore just a few thoughts and considerations that should be included in your security plan.

a. Logistical considerations: With unlimited resources, we could all develop plans that would be 100% successful in deterring crime and protecting your business’ most important assets. Do you have unlimited resources to accomplish this? If not, then which part of your plan requires the most focus.

b. Environmental Considerations: How much of your environment can you control? We’re not just talking about the weather or the heat index, but ironically, those do play a part in the overall plan. When we talk about the environment, we’re talking about everything that surrounds your property. Maybe it’s demographics (people) or transportation, adjacent business’, adjacent buildings, adjacent wooded lots, roadways, schools, etc. This list can become quite long so it is important to understand how environmental factors affect your security plan.

c. Consistency: Will the plan you write today succeed one year from now? Will the vulnerability assessment you wrote last year, be the same as the current year? Will the threat assessment be the same next year as it is today? Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Security as a whole is a very fluid thing. Little things can change overnight and although they are little, their potential for catastrophic damage is always present. How do you know which is which and what is what? How can you stay in front of risks and mitigate emergencies that pop up from no-where? The answer is a solid Security Plan.

Tailoring your Security Plan.
As you can see, each plan should be tailored to each individual building, property, or facility. Large corporations hire Directors of Security that provide oversight and guidance in developing such plans. On the Government side, each agency will have a Security Specialist or an entire division responsible for Security. Their job is to ensure protocols and procedures are established to support the mission defined for each agency. Smaller companies and unfortunately many large property management companies don’t have the resources to solely designate a representative for these duties. That is why it is so important, that whoever you hire to provide security for your business, they are knowledgeable and willing to work with you on developing your security plan. If you don’t feel you are getting 100% of the value from your security team, then give us a call, and let’s explore ways to make you and your business safer.

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