Preparing for Budget Season: Threat & Vulnerability Assessments (Part 1)

Threat and Vulnerability

[BLUF] Kerberos is committed to ensuring our commercial real estate and manufacturing clients receive the same level of service and security that we provide our government clients. This can only be accomplished by understanding the threat endemic to each individual location and understanding the weakness each facility or activity displays. (Threats + Vulnerabilities = Security Plan). Ask us about our Threat and Vulnerability assessments.

“Back in the Day” as we say in the Army, I worked as a Counterintelligence Agent specializing in Force Protection. In civilian terms, that equates to physical security and crime prevention. We often got deployed and attached to units going into foreign countries to conduct medical missions as part of a State Department program supporting lesser developed countries.

An integral part of this program would be for my team to go into a designated area a week or two before the main body of soldiers arrived and determined the local threat our fellow soldiers would face while in country. These threats ranged from petty crimes, robbery, assault to espionage and terrorism. Our job was multifaceted and required many different little components to be effective. We called this activity a Threat & Vulnerability Assessment or TVA for short. A unit would not deploy without having a solid Threat Assessment defining the potential dangers they faced while in country.

As a government contractor providing Protective Service Officers (PSO) to agencies like the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Transportation, Department of Energy, we work closely with their (in-house) police or security personnel to carry out protocols necessary to ensure a secure environment for their facilities and employees. These security protocols are developed based off of the information obtained during the TVA.

By conducting initial and on-going TVs, Kerberos ensures the Protection we provide you is current and relevant to the properties you manage. As you go into budget season and start collecting proposals for your security services, remember Kerberos! Threat & Vulnerability Assessments are the first step in preparing your proposal and the final step in protecting your properties.

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