Preparing for Budget Season: Threat & Vulnerability Assessments (Part 2)

(BLUF) Fore-warned is Fore-armed! As you go into Budget Seasons, Remember Kerberos as a candidate to compete for your Security business. There is no reason your properties cannot benefit from the same level of professionalism and expertise in Security deterrence as the U.S. Government. Ask us about our Threat and Vulnerability assessments.

Threat Assessments are as old as the Bible. For centuries, opposing forces have sent out recon scouts to identify how many soldiers, how many horses, how much infantry an enemy force may have. As well, they would look at the terrain, mountains, bogs, swamps, hills and woodlands that would allow an enemy force to gain any advantage in battle. Many times, these recon scouts would infiltrate local towns or villages to try and gauge the disposition of the soldiers assigned to enemy forces in an attempt to anticipate their effectiveness and willingness to fight in battle. In today’s times and in our commercial environment, Threat Assessments are not used to prepare for battle between competing High-Rise buildings or competing retail shopping centers. Instead, they are used to identify, anticipate and predict the occurrence of criminal activity most likely to take place in the area you hope to secure.

Threat Assessments are a process of collecting, researching and analyzing information from multiple sources. Kerberos personnel are experienced in where to look, what to look for and what constitutes an anomaly in preparing your Threat Assessment. Better yet, all of our proposals are predicated on information we collect that may have an impact upon the security of your property. We don’t stop there, as true security professionals, we have established a network of contacts with other security and law enforcement personnel in which we continuously share information to identify emerging trends in crime or illegal activities. Utilizing our vast network of government agencies, we are poised to understand who is most likely to penetrate your property and what types of crime are most likely to be attempted. When a crime does happen, our Threat Assessment is recalibrated as we adjust our methods to anticipate and deter any future nefarious activities.

By having and continually adjusting our Threat Assessments for your property, it ensures we are engaged and consistently providing crime deterrence. You may not see it or your tenants may not see it, but those scouting out your property will see the vigilance and decide to go commit their crimes someplace else.

Remember, the first step to a good solid security plan is understanding the Threat. A good proposal cannot be projected without understanding what it will truly take to protect your property and what the threat is in your local area. By writing our proposals based off of the Threat and Vulnerability Assessments we conduct for your property, we are in effect working backwards to give you the best value for your money. After all, while Security may be an integral component of your risk mitigation program, it should not be construed as an alternate insurance plan. Deterring crime and keeping malicious activity off of your properties is first and foremost the goal of your security plan and being Fore-warned is the first step in becoming Fore-armed!

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